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Georgia Farm Bureau Directors Set 2013 Priority Issues


By: GFB News
1/17/2013 9:52:49 AM


During the American Farm Bureau Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tenn., the Georgia Farm Bureau Board of Directors agreed to continue its work relating to the issues of water, taxes and budget, defense of animal agriculture and general agriculture issues.

"As always, the approval of priorities does not limit GFB's interest in other issues," GFB President Zippy Duvall said. "Our organization will continue to be involved with any issues that affect farmers as outlined by our official policy. However, these priority issues have surfaced as having particular interest within our membership."

With recent droughts having far-reaching impacts on agriculture, GFB will continue to focus on ways water can be conserved and methods to augment water supplies while protecting agricultural water rights.

While GFB's efforts helped preserve sales tax exemptions on farm inputs, the organization continues to pursue funding for agricultural research and youth development programs. GFB will also continue working to block efforts to regulate animal agriculture at the farm level while defending attacks from groups opposed to animal agriculture.


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