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Berrien County farmer creates Amaze-N-Cane


10/14/2010 1:52:50 PM


Chances are in South Georgia you've been through a corn maze but what about a cane maze? It's something one Berrien County farmer always wanted to create through his sugar cane patch.

You can put try to find your way through it in the day time or wait until night. Kids also get a learning experience and get to try the cane in it's purest form.

"It seems like it would hold up better for people to go through, a longer period of time without falling over or turning brown," said Hansel Morris. "It stays more green I guess you'd say.

Hansel Morris developed Amaze-N-Cane. It's a few miles south of Nashville on the old Valdosta Highway.

Morris and his family designed the maze. The sugar cane on his farm covers seven acres. It'll take you about 20 minutes to get through this maze and that's if you don't get lost.

Kids also get an educational opportunity. They learn about turning cane into sugar and syrup and everyday products made from the pulp like jeans and newspaper.

The Morris family has been farming since the 1930's and for the last 20 years Hansel Ray has been growing the cane.

"He has all these memories of his grandfather sitting around the fire place chewing a piece of cane that was their candy their treat they had," said Morris' daughter Melanie Ray.

Kids also get to taste the cane in it's natural state. There's a mini maze for the little ones and a marshmellow roast.

"The young folks enjoy it," said Morris. "They like to be scared. I think the teens want to have a haunted can maze one night during a full moon."

The cane maze has been open for about a week. If you're in for a halloween treat, you can wander through something sweet.

This is the first year Hansel Morris put on his Amaze-N-Cane. For more information call (229) 543-1063.


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