Social Media

We want to make sure you have the opportunity to stay connected with us, so we're active on several social media platforms. Our goal is to share what we are doing to promote and support Georgia's agriculture industry, pass along news and information you can use about the foods you eat, and even provide you with some delicious recipes using Georgia Grown fruits, vegetables and meats. 

Below you'll find our social media platforms. Click the images to visit our various social media pages.



Facebook is the most popular social networking site, with around 1 billion users worldwide. Users can share stories, pictures, videos, news headlines... pretty much anything, really.

On our page, you'll find news and information about our food and the farmers and ranchers who produce it. We take a look at state and county Farm Bureau activities, and share interesting video, facts and figures. We'll also let you know about farm days, festivals and other events which you might want to attend.

We also invite you to follow the Georgia Farm Monitor on Facebook.



YouTube is a separate social network all its own, one that revolves entirely around video production, video-blogging, movie-making and music sharing. 

Through our weekly television program, The Georgia Farm Monitor, we have more than 1,500 videos about the rural lifestyle, growing food and raising animals, home gardening, cooking and recipes, and so much more. 



The fastest growing social media platform in the U.S., more than 80 million Americans are Instagram users. Why is that? Instagram is designed to share stories through visual images. And what industry lends itself to visuals better than agriculture?

Follow us on Instagram to see the beauty of Georgia agriculture, as well as what's going on with Georgia Farm Bureau.



The first of the microblogging platforms, Twitter is an easy-to-use, nearly instantaneous way to communicate. More than a half-billion people worldwide are on Twitter!

We share news stories and breaking information on our Twitter feed. We also share occasional status updates from Georgia farmers, providing a first-hand look into life and work on the farm.

You are also encouraged to follow the Georgia Farm Monitor on Twitter.



The Georgia Farm Bureau Pinterest page features images of Georgia's top agricultural commodities as they're raised, grown or harvested. We also share hundreds of delicious recipes featuring our state's most popular foods (like peanuts, pecans, peaches, chicken and Vidalia onions).