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Thank you for serving as a Farm Bureau volunteer leader. We are abundantly blessed to have dedicated leaders that freely provide their time and talents. Without strong county leadership, would not be nearly as effective in fulling our purpose. Our purpose is to:


  • provide leadership and assistance to the agricultural sector
  • promote farm products
  • aid in agri-related procurement
  • be a spokesman for the farmer in the legislative arena
  • be a leader in the development and expansion of farm markets
  • strive for more agricultural research and educational funds
  • assist in providing farm families a fair and equitable standard of living
  • ensure the existence of agriculture as a vital and thriving industry in the future

    As we continue to develop our county programs and projects, let's always keep our purpose in the forefront.





    2016 GFB County Presidents Trip to Washington D.C.


    Georgia Farm Bureau members traveled to Washington in the spring of 2016 to meet with lawmakers on many important issues facing agriculture. The trip brought producers from all across Georgia together which is an important step in getting their voices heard.




    The Georgia Farm Bureau Field Services Department recently produced a video called "Without Farmers, Georgia Can't Grow", which spotlights Georgia Agriculture. It's a geographical tour of Georgia through its agriculture. To order a copy of this video, contact us at (478) 474-0679, extension 5231. To see the video, click the banner below.


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