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2 eggs

2 tablespoons water

Salt and pepper to taste

Approximately 1/4 cup filling (cheese, vegetables, meat, salsa)



In a small bowl, beat together the eggs, water, salt and pepper.


Heat an 8-inch pan that has been generously greased.  When pan is hot, pour in the eggs with the handle of the pan facing towards you.


With a spatula gently push the eggs from the left of the pan to the right tilting the pan so the uncooked eggs move to the left. 


Once the eggs are almost set add the fillings of your choice on the left side over the eggs.  Gently fold the right side over the left and place on a plate.



Recipe Notes


Filling possibilities you might like:

Bacon, sausage, ham, peppers, onions, cheese, asparagus, broccoli.






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