Best PR Campaign Submission

Georgia Farm Bureau

Lucky on a Truck

Goal: Expand GFB's audience and ability to advocate for farmers by building stronger connections with existing members and attracting new members.

One of the primary goals of Georgia Farm Bureau’s PR department is to help the general public understand the purpose of Farm Bureau and the importance of supporting local farmers in Georgia. GFB recently introduced a new mascot, a loveable farm dog named Lucky, to help strengthen connections with existing members and to attract new members. Studies show that mascots can be a powerful tool to improve brand recognition and brand affinity. We confirmed this first-hand as we watched our members quickly fall in love with Lucky, especially our most engaged members. Lucky also constantly opens new doors for us with people who wouldn’t normally engage with Farm Bureau or care about agriculture. Lucky provides a fun and approachable way for new people to talk with us and learn about what we do.

Lucky has become an important part of Georgia Farm Bureau’s brand and is a significant tool in helping us connect with both new and existing members. This expands our ability to share messages important for farmers, encourage advocacy during an election year, build membership and strengthen the voice for farmers in Georgia.


The Lucky campaign is very comprehensive, covering a wide variety of communications. Please see samples of each below:




Farmers Grow Christmas Memories

Lucky was featured on a :30 Christmas commercial that aired statwide on network television, cable, streaming platforms and digital platforms. Studies show that people love Christmas ads. These sentimental ads don’t just tap into seasonal joys, they tap into our brain’s associations and can help brands build invaluable positive and lasting connections with their audience. In “Farmers Make Christmas Memories”, Georgia Farm Bureau combined this strategy with their loveable farm dog mascot and a Christmas tree farm.

Marketing Material

Lucky T-Shirts
In 2023 GFB sold shirts featuring Lucky. One had camo (made up of agriculture shapes) in the shape of Lucky's outline, the other was created specifically for Sunbelt Ag Expo and gave homage to their original logo. The Sunbelt shirt was made 100% out of cotton grown on the Sunbelt Expo property.

Lucky Camo

Sunbelt Ag Expo Shirt


Vinyl Decals
GFB printed and distributed thousands of vinyl decals featuring both the Federation website and the Insurance website in 2023.

Lucky Vinyl Decals


Lucky Fans
Georgia Farm Bureau gave out 500 fans at the Georgia National Fair featuring Lucky's head.

Lucky Fans


Lucky Yard Signs
Georgia Farm Bureau distributed hundreds of die-cut yardsigns around the state encouraing people to learn more about Georgia agriculture here. Lucky also was featured in the sign promoting the Georgia Farm Bureau Passport, which is displayed at all 90+ Certified Farm Markets.

Lucky Sign

Passport Sign



Plush Lucky
Plush Lucky Dogs are given out around the state by county offices and at Georgia Farm Bureau events.

Lucky Plush


Email Signature
Lucky has his own email signature and often sends emails out to staff.

Lucky Email Signature 2


Ag-Themed Dog Bandanas 

Dog Bandanas


Lucky Buttons

Lucky Buttons

Instagram Reels

"National Dog Day"


"Feels Like Summer - Summer Commodities"


"A Farmer And His Friend"


"You've Got a Friend in Me"


"Heart Health Month - Farm Dogs Are Good for Heart Health"


"Lucky at the Georgia National Fair"


"Lucky Celebrates Independence Day"


"Lucky and Elf on the Shelf"


Social Graphics

Celebrating National Dog Day

Lucky On Social1


Happy Halloween from Lucky!



Lucky and Friends Looking Dapper in Commodity Ties



Celebrating Georgia Farm Bureau's 86th Birthday

Lucky Social Image 2


We're sticking with our Bulldogs after their SEC Championship loss

Lucky and Hairy Dog


Lucky loves to celebrate all of the holidays, especially St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patricks Day


A Peek at Little Lucky

Baby Lucky Social

Lucky in Action

Lucky has been infused into everything we do at Georgia Farm Bureau

Driving Event Themes - 'Diggin' In'
Each year Georgia Farm Bureau selects a theme to carry through all of its events to really drive a message home. In 2023, the theme was centered around Lucky and was used in all events that year, from the Women in Ag Summit to Annual Convention.

Digging In Event Theme


At GFB Events
Here Lucky is pictured with Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and Marty Kemp right after Governor Kemp spoke at Georgia Farm Bureau's Annual Convention.

Lucky and Governor Kemp


Lucky in GFB Advertising
Lucky helps us stand out and more effectively promote membership, as seen through this fun example for an ad in the Georgia Cattlemen's Association program.

Ad in Cattleman's program


Engaging Kids for Ag in the Classroom

Ag Week Flier


Lucky Coloring Page


Adding Life to Communication Pieces
Georgia Farm Bureau uses the friendly Lucky cartoon to make all of our communications feel more accessible and less boring. Here is an example of a business card staff carry with them to use when talking with people interested in becoming a member. The card has a QR code to the Join Now page.

Support GA Farmers Card