2023 Agent Co-Op Advertising Program

Co-Op Guidelines and Budgets change annually.
Please be on the lookout for package from the courier as well as emails from the Marketing Department for more details on Co-Op.

Important Forms:

Agent Resources:


Noteworthy Updates to 2023 Co-Op Guidelines and Processes

  1. New Options – The Ad Catalog has been revamped and contains lots of NEW content, including new customizable radio ads, video ads, campaigns, direct mailers and more. 



Frequently Asked Questions

What type of advertising is covered under the co-op program? 
Print ads (newspaper, magazine, community bulletins or programs), radio ads, television ads, billboards, branded promotional material, signage, digital advertising and sponsorships can be reimbursed through the co-op program. Click here for description of all categories. All advertising MUST use the right logo in correct format (not stretched or altered) to be considered. 

*Food purchases are not eligible for co-op.


How do I know if I have the right logo? 
Find and download all approved logos here. Encourage your advertising representative to visit this link for our official media partner toolkit, where they can find everything they need. If you have a question about a logo, please contact us


What colors can I use?

Navy, White, Black, Gray, Maroon and Light Blue (Carolina Blue)

*Some exceptions may be made, such as purchasing a sponsorship that includes the addition of the GFB logo to an existing t-shirt or sign, or you are co-branding with a local organization (like a high school) and both logos will be used.  Please contact the Marketing Team to ensure your co-op item is eligible as an exception.


What fonts can I use?

Futura Bold, Open Sans and Learning Curve.


What types of advertising requires pre-approval before purchase?


What advertising resources are available to me? 
GFB has created a collection of Advertising Resources as well as an Ad Catalog that includes a variety of different print ads, radio scripts, pre-recorded radio spots, customizable videos, billboards and more to choose from. Each sample can be customized. 


Is digital advertising approved for reimbursement through the Agent Coop Program?
Yes - contact the Marketing Team to learn how.  Learn more about digital advertising opportunities here.


How do I get reimbursed? 
Fill out this form. Each reimbursement request must be approved by the Marketing Team and then will be sent to the accounting department to be processed.  


When do I need to submit a reimbursement request?
Reimbursement requests should be made within 3 months of the transaction/invoice date. Year-end submissions must be submitted during the calendar year to be processed by 12/31.


What files do I need to submit for my co-op to be reimbursed? 

  • Proof of advertising (picture, copy, or affidavit of item). This MUST be a new photo of the current order. Photos of previous orders should not be used. 
  • Proof of payment (copy of a canceled check, or credit card transaction) 

*You must include a photo of the item every time you submit a co-op request even if it’s a renewed ad. Learn more at gfb.org/advertising.

Learn more about how to submit a co-op request for each category. 


I'm an agent, can I submit co-op?
Agency Managers must approve all co-op purchases. Please talk to your AM before purchasing or submitting. 


What items are 75% co-op?
All advertising is reimbursed at the 50% rate, except for: 

  • Radio ads on stations included in the Georgia Farm Radio Network (see full list). 
  • TV ads, sponsorships or digital ads run through the following TV stations: WTVM (Columbus), WTOC (Savannah), WALB (Albany), WSWG (Albany), WJBF (Augusta), WMAZ (Macon), WSST (Cordele), WKSY (Summerville) and GPB (statewide). 


How much co-op is available to me each year?
Each Agency Manager will receive an email indicating the maximum Co-op limit for their County.  Tiers are based on agency size and co-op utilization.


I need an ad to be created, who do I talk to? 
Please use the Request an Ad form (button located at the top of the page), to make all ad requests. On the form you can provide information about what you’d like as well as uploading samples of other ads. It is important to provide exact dimensions so the ad fits the space with no gaps. Ads will be provided before the deadline you specify (in as little as 2 business days, if specified). All designs will be created and personalized by the Creative Lead.


How can I promote banking products? 
Ads for Farm Bureau Bank products may be reimbursed by 50%. However, since the bank is regulated by FDIC and has different rules, you must use the approved advertising provided by Farm Bureau Bank or GFB Member Services when advertising FBB products. Farm Bureau Insurance and Farm Bureau Bank product advertising can never be mixed in the field. Pre-approved ads for FBB can be found in the FBB referral portal. For more on promoting banking products, click here.


Why was my co-op denied?
Improper use of the logo is the main reason submissions are rejected (see logos), as well as using colors outside of the branding guidelines. We recommend working with the marketing department to ensure approval.


Can I use our county logo in insurance advertising? 
No, county logos cannot be co-oped. 


I found the logo or an ad on Google / Facebook. Can I use it for advertising?
No, please use the logos in the Advertising Resources. Some of the logos on Google are incorrect and the images on Facebook do not have a high enough resolution for print ads, signage or promotional items.  


I already spent the max amount I was given for co-op, what do I do now?
We love that you are investing in your business and using advertising to grow your book of business. Please contact Jennifer Parson to discuss your options.


Can I submit co-op after December 31?  
No, all co-op requests for payment must be turned in no later than December 31. All requests submitted past December 31 will be counted toward the next year's budget. 


Can I use a local vendor for promotional items? 
Of course!  Promotional items purchased through outside vendors MUST be approved by the Visual Strategies team in the Info/PR Department. 


How can my vendor be added to the approved vendor list? 
Contact Jennifer Parson to learn how your vendor can be added to the list.