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Ag in the Classroom Program Recommends Monthly Book 

Posted on September 15, 2023 1:15 PM

One of our missions at Georgia Farm Bureau is to increase agricultural literacy among children and the general public. Our Agriculture in the Classroom program provides tools for more Georgia’s educators to help in implementing the instruction of agriculture-related concepts in the classroom. We achieve this mission through the activities of county Farm Bureau volunteers in each of their communities and through teacher training courses throughout our great state. 


We also partner with teachers and other organizations to provide free educational resources for teachers and parents including our recommended Monthly book. Each month our Ag in the Classroom Program chooses a book complete with curriculum and an AgVenture video for free. These monthly activity pages are perfect for the homeschool program or in the classroom and provide fun facts, educational videos and activities for students. 


October’s recommended book is “Let It Grow” by Mary Ann Fraser. This beautiful picture book highlights the life cycle of a giant pumpkin from just a tiny seed. You don’t want to miss this very special book that emphasizes patience while you wait for a special tiny seed to grow into a pumpkin. Don’t forget to check out the book and all of the activities that go along with it this fall!