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Ag-Tivities with Lauren: 'Wonderful Worms'

Posted on May 22, 2020 12:00 AM

Lauren Goble, Ag in the Classroom Coordinator

Today I will be reading a book about a creature that some people are scared of. This creature cannot hear or even see, but senses light and sounds there may be. What could it be? Do you know??? Here’s a little hint for you- sometimes they end up on a hook. What am I?

Did you guess earthworms? If so, you were correct! There are over 5,500 known species of worms. They can be found everywhere, except in really cold and or really dry climates. I have been busy planting flowers and vegetables in my garden this spring and I have seen LOTS of earthworms, which makes me very happy! Earthworms act like tiny plows in the garden. Even though earthworms do not have arms or legs they do a great job moving through the soil in my garden and when they do they make tunnels. These tunnels allow air and water to get to the roots of plants. I think that earthworms are a gardeners’ best friend!

Here are a few ways you can learn more about earthworms:

Read Along With Us 

Listen to the book, ‘Wonderful Worms’, to learn more fun facts about worms. You may be surprised by what you learn! After listening to the book make sure you and your family enjoy the accompanying ag-tivities and recipe that go with the book! I hope y’all will have fun completing the ag-tivities and eating delicious dirt! 

Fun Worm Ag-Tivities

Dirt Cup with Gummy Worms Recipe

VIDEO: How to make Dirt Cups

Build Your Own Wormery Instructions

Worm Journal 

How to Build a Wormery Worksheet

VIDEO: How to make a Wormery 

Earth Worm Vs. Gummy Worm Activity