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Celebrating Our Heroes

Posted on March 24, 2020 12:00 AM

We are celebrating one of our favorite weeks of the year: Georgia Ag Week! Today is "Ag Hero Day" and we are spotlighting a few special special who have inspired some of GFB's ag leaders today. Who is your Ag Hero? We want to hear from you! Join the discussion on Facebook using the hashtag #GaAgWeek2020.



Erin Nessmith
GFB Leadership Programs Coordinator

I was not raised in farming- but these two women paved the way for me to make an impact in agriculture. My ag teachers had incredible achievements as women in agriculture, but no greater achievement than continuing to show thousands of students the endless opportunities and careers in farming and ag industry! I am forever changed!

John Holcomb
Journalist for the Farm Monitor, Producer of GFB's Podcast

When I think of an ag hero, the first person that comes to mind is my dad. Without a doubt, my dad lives and breathes farming, particularly our beef herd that we have, and if it wasn’t for him raising me on the farm and making me(sometimes against my will) help out on the farm, my love for agriculture and farming that I have today would be non-existent.




Katie Duvall
GFB Advocacy and Policy Development Coordinator

Over the course of my life, I have crossed paths with countless “ag heros,” each of whom has left a lasting impression. None, however, have made as significant an impact on me as my parents, David and Carolyn Gazda. Together, they instilled in me a strong work ethic, taught me responsibility, and demonstrated firsthand the notion that if you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life. My inherent love for agriculture correlates directly back to theirs, ingrained in me from day one; for that – and them – I will be forever grateful.