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Georgia Dairy Farms Feed America

Posted on May 7, 2020 12:00 AM

Young Girl Drinking Glass of Milk

Georgia’s dairy farmers work tirelessly every day to supply our communities with wholesome dairy products, from cheese to ice cream to an old fashioned, cold glass of milk. Not only do dairy products provide nutrients we need, they pack recipes with flavor and put the "comfort" in our favorite comfort foods!

Georgia Dairy By the Numbers

According to the Georgia Milk Producers, Georgia has 128 dairy farms and is home to over 72,203 dairy cows. Each Georgia dairy cow has an economic impact of $11,558, and the Georgia dairy industry contributes close to $836 million to Georgia’s economy each year.

Did you know the average dairy cow makes 8 gallons of milk per day?  According to the USDA, some make up to 12 gallons per day. That leads to a lot of great things for your family's dinner table:

With the average American consuming about 21 gallons of milk per year, the work of Georgia dairy cows and dairy farmers is more important than ever.