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One Family Shares Their Peach Farm Route

Posted on July 23, 2021 12:00 AM

Single peach on tree

The Williams have participated in the Farm Passport every year since its inception. An even longer running tradition is their extended family get-togethers each summer to visit peach farms in middle GA. They now take their Farm Passports with them and have generously shared their 2021 route for other families to enjoy.

A fun day and fun way to get 4 stamps! Remember to take your cooler!

Peach Route - Family Photo

The Williams Family's 2021 Peach Farm Route

Dickey Farms

Start you day off watching peaches being packed under the oldest packinghouse in the state and browse their assortment of gourmet gifts. Take in the view of Musella from a rocking chair with a peach or strawberry ice cream in hand. Across the street is the farm’s playground and covered pavilion. There are some great photo taking opportunities here! Bathrooms onsite. For more info click here (https://www.gfb.org/education-and-outreach/farmmarkets.cms/detail/14/Dickey-Farms)

Pearson Farms

Just a 22min drive down HWY 341 onto Zenith Mill Rd. is your 2nd farm stop. Pearson Farms also has an area for you to see the peaches being packed with a different set up. Here you can buy peaches and pecans from the farm and are welcome to another cup of ice cream: peach and butter pecan. This farm has recently added picnic tables for you to enjoy. Bathrooms onsite. For more info click here (https://www.gfb.org/education-and-outreach/farmmarkets.cms/detail/45/Pearson-Farm )

Family at Dickey Farms

Samuel Henry Rumph Home Historic Marker (200 West Main St., Marshalleville)

On your way through Fort Valley to the next farm, stop in for some history on the

Father of Georgia’s peach industry, who created the famous Elberta peach named after his wife along with other varieties.


Yoder’s Restaurant Bakery & Gift Shop (5252 Ga Highway 26 East, Montezuma)

As you drive to Montezuma, there is a great Mennonite restaurant to stop at for lunch. Children enjoy feeding their goats, all will enjoy their great bakery items, and they have an interesting gift shop.


William Brown Farm Market

10 mins away waits fresh vegetables, tree ripened peaches, flowers (cut your own option) and peach ice cream.  At this point in your travels, having a cooler is a game changer. In addition to peaches, this 6th generation farm grows blueberries, watermelon, tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, peas, corn, green beans, bell peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, onions, okra, and squash. If you choose to cut flowers bring a container to hold them and water. Check out this farm’s Facebook page for upcoming events to see if your visit can coincide. For more info click here (https://www.gfb.org/education-and-outreach/farmmarkets.cms/detail/74/William-L-Brown-Farm-Market )

grandfather holding baby in peach orchard

Lane Southern Orchard

The final farm of the day is 30 minutes away but it worth the drive. This is a peach and pecan farm with a playground that kids love. If you haven’t had your fill of sweets yet or want some to take home this is the place. They have a bakery with fried pies, donuts and more! They also have canned goods, a variety of pecan flavored choices and a wide selection of southern styled shopping. This farm has a café where you can eat for dinner, but if your headed north to go home at the end of the day, consider following the William’s suggested spot. This farm has great bathrooms and for more information, click here (https://www.gfb.org/education-and-outreach/farmmarkets.cms/detail/27/Lane-Southern-Orchards )


Hudson’s BBQ

This dinner spot is one of the family favorites where BBQ is the specialty, but the restaurant also has many other options.

Addresses and the route broken down by time of day below:








Dickey Farms

3440 Musella Rd, Musella

(800) PeachGA
(478) 836-4362

Opens at 08:30, arrive in time to complete purchases by 10:30 AM.

10:30 AM


Pearson Farms

5575 Zenith Mill Rd, Zenith

(478) 827-0750

10:45 AM

11:30 PM


Samuel Henry Rumph Home Historic Marker

200 West Main St., Marshalleville


12:00 Noon

12:20 PM


Yoder’s Restaurant, Bakery, & Gift Shop

5252 Ga Highway 26 East, Montezuma

(478) 472-2024

12:45 PM

2:45 PM


Farmer Brown’s Market

4334 Highway 49 North, Montezuma

(478) 472-8767

3:00 PM

4:00 PM


Lane Southern Orchards

50 Lane Road , Fort Valley

(478) 825-3592

4:30 PM

5:30 PM


Hudson’s BBQ

On the square
86 East Agency St, Roberta

(478) 836-4620

6:00 PM

7:00 PM

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