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D.R. Schaal Agency provides grain inspection services

by Georgia Farm Bureau

Posted on Aug 09, 2023 at 0:00 AM

Georgia grain producers concerned about mycotoxins or other factors that affect quality that might result in lower prices received or having their crops rejected at the grain elevator can have their grain inspected by the same organization that performs grain inspection for the Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA).

The Georgia branch of the D.R. Schaal Agency has served as the official grain inspection service provider for the GDA since 2018, conducting inspections for domestic markets, as well as export shipments through the Port of Savannah.

The majority of D.R. Schaal’s customers are grain elevators, domestic purchasers, and grain exporters, but the agency is staffed with licensed associates to provide sampling and inspection services across the state. The use of technology to provide real time data allows better insight into the quality of the commodity being loaded and seamless distribution of needed documents.

According to company spokesman Brandon Eskew, the company also provides grain grading training for anyone seeking to expand their understanding of what is involved with the grading of grain and the U.S. grain standards.

For more information about Schaal’s services, visit the company’s website at or call 912-348-3952.

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