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Flint River SWCD launches feral swine outreach campaign

by Flint River Soil & Water Conservation District

Posted on Jun 03, 2020 at 0:00 AM

The Flint River Soil and Water Conservation District (FRSWCD) has launched a feral swine outreach campaign led by the Georgia Feral Swine partnership to release newly updated resources highlighting the issue of feral swine in Georgia. The Georgia Feral Swine partnership consists of the FRSWCD and partners who have collaborated to provide essential education on the negative impact of feral swine in Georgia and provide information and resources for affected landowners.

Feral swine are a non-native, invasive species that cause economic impact through crop loss, livestock loss, and infrastructure damage. They also threaten native and endangered species and contribute to soil erosion and water quality issues.  According to a 2015 study from the University of Georgia, feral swine cause an estimated total of $150 million in damage each year in Georgia alone.   

“Feral swine have been a problem for many farmers and landowners in Georgia for years, but we won’t be successful in addressing the problem without strategic partnerships and strong collaboration” says Marty McLendon, Chairman of the FRSWCD. “We’re thrilled to lead the Georgia Feral Swine partnership in providing outreach, education, and resources for all Georgians so we can work together to control invasive feral swine populations and reduce their negative impacts.”

Throughout the week-long campaign  that began May 30,  FRSWCD will highlight different components of Georgia's feral swine problem  including, economic impact, disease concerns, laws and regulations, control methods and ecological impact. As part of the Georgia Feral Swine partnership’s effort, comprehensive materials have been developed that include a website and a newly updated Georgia Landowner’s Guide to Wild Pig Management that is available to download as an iBook.

The Georgia Feral Swine partnership’s statewide platform is intended to highlight resources, best practices, and raise awareness of feral swine issues in Georgia. Visit to learn more about the program. Visit to watch a video that provides an overview of the feral swine problems Georgia farmers & landowners are dealing  with.

The Flint River Soil and Water Conservation District is comprised of farmers, landowners, and community leaders that are dedicated to the conservation, wise use, and protection of natural resources in the Flint River Basin. Learn more about the district at

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