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Forestry sector generates $42 billion in economic output in 2022

Posted on Apr 04, 2024 at 15:26 PM

For the 13th consecutive year, a Georgia Institute of Technology study shows an increase in revenue generated by Georgia’s forest industry. According to a new report by the institute’s Enterprise Innovation Institute, the total economic output of the forest industry rose to $42 billion in 2022, a 1.6% increase from the previous year. Total direct revenue generated by the forest industry rose 1.5% from 2021 to $25 billion in 2022. The annual report also shows forestry provided the state with $807 million in tax revenue for 2022.

Other highlights of the “2022 Economic Benefits of the Forest Industry in Georgia” report show:

• Urban and community forestry total impacts rose 12.7% from the previous year to $7.1 billion in 2022;

• Wages and salaries for forest industry workers were $4.4 billion in 2022, an increase of 0.7% from 2021;

• Georgia’s pulp and paper industry, including 11 pulp mills, continued to dominate all forest industry sectors.

“These numbers reflect stability,” said Georgia Forestry Commission Director Tim Lowrimore. “Our plentiful, renewable resource and strong work force make this possible, providing so many products we depend on, along with critical environmental services. We’re proud to be a Georgia sustainability success story.”

Highlights of the report can be found here. The complete report can be found here.

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