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From farm to float: Ag Products key for Port of Savannah success

by Georgia Farm Bureau

Posted on Jul 26, 2023 at 0:00 AM

By Georgia Farm Bureau

It is an interesting coincidence that the Port of Savannah’s main facility is the Garden City Terminal; farm exports of food, fuel and fiber make up a major portion of the port’s containerized shipments around the globe. The Port of Savannah

According to a story in the July issue of Georgia Trend Magazine, ag exports through the Port of Savannah came roaring back in late 2020 after slowing during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic and have remained strong since. The Port of Savannah continues to be the leading east coast port for shipping agricultural goods.

Much of the agricultural commodities shipped through the port are produced in Georgia, though significant quantities of Midwest-grown grains and cotton from Arkansas and Tennessee also leave the U.S. through Savannah. Georgia ports top the nation in shipments of poultry, cotton and peanuts.

Forest products are the top ag export, with have the wood, pulp, pellet and paper products going to Canada, Mexico and China.

The poultry sector had a record year in 2022, exporting 1.25 million metric tons worth $6.2 billion, about $700 million more than in 2021. Poultry exports through Savannah went to approximately 120 countries in 2022.

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