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Georgia corn, pecan & tobacco growers vote to continue assessments

by Georgia Department of Agriculture

Posted on Jul 08, 2020 at 0:00 AM

In recently completed referendums, Georgia corn, pecan and tobacco growers voted to continue assessments on their crops to fund agricultural commodity commissions for each crop.

Georgia corn growers approved the continuation of a one-cent per bushel assessment on corn for the Georgia Agricultural Commodity Commission for Corn (Georgia Corn Commission). The April referendum received an 87.95% favorable vote.  

The market order for corn requires votes every three years for continuation. Funds received by the Georgia Corn Commission are used for research, education and promotion of corn.  

The Georgia Corn Commission was established in 1995 by the Georgia Legislature. In partnership with the University of Georgia and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the commission supports research on fertility, planter downforce, diseases, variety adaptation, rust sentinel plots, irrigation management, and nematodes.  

Georgia corn is utilized to manufacture ethanol for fuel and as a feed ingredient for poultry and other animals. Corn is an essential crop for rotation with other row crops grown in Georgia, such as cotton and peanuts.   

Georgia tobacco growers overwhelmingly voted to continue a 50 cents per hundred pounds assessment on tobacco grown in Georgia. The assessment, which must be voted on every three years, received a 91.67% favorable vote.  

Established in 1962 by the Georgia Legislature, the Georgia Agricultural Commodity Commission for Tobacco uses assessment funds for research projects and grower education including but not limited to new insect control, disease control products and variety trials. Advanced research allows Georgia’s tobacco farmers to develop efficient ways to produce their tobacco crop.

Georgia pecan growers voted to continue an assessment of one cent per pound of pecans by producers with more than 30 acres for an additional three years—83.5% of eligible ballots returned were in favor of the assessment.

The Georgia Agriculture Commodity Commission for Pecans, also known as the Georgia Pecan Commission, was established in 1995 by the State Legislature and supports research, education and promotion of Georgia pecans. Most of the assessment funds are committed to include research on disease control, insect management, plant breeding, fertility, production and nutritional benefits; as well as promotion of pecans domestically and abroad.

Georgia remains one of the top pecan-producing states in the United States.

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