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Georgia Farm Bureau funds ag research

by Jennifer Whittaker

Posted on Aug 18, 2021 at 0:00 AM

Georgia Farm Bureau has awarded almost $137,000 in grants to nine researchers at the UGA College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences for studies addressing production, economic or marketing issues Georgia farmers are experiencing. Recipients of the 2021 GFB Agricultural Research Initiatives grants were recognized during the GFB Commodity Conference held Aug. 12 at the UGA Tifton Campus Conference Center.

“As federal and state funds for ag research decline, Georgia Farm Bureau feels it’s our job to step up and join other ag organizations in supporting research that benefits Georgia farmers,”  GFB President Tom McCall said.

Recipients and their projects are as follows:

• Dr. Emran Ali                    Preventing Postharvest Fruit Rot of Georgia Blueberries: Determining the Organisms Responsible & Options for Pre-Harvest Management

• Dr. Sudeep Bag                 Epidemiology & Impact of Cotton Leafroll Dwarf Disease on Cotton in Georgia

• Dr. Lisa Baxter                  Controlling Smutgrass in Bahiagrass Pasture Systems Using Integrated Weed Management Strategies

• Dr. Mark A. Czarnota       Developing Phytophthora Resistant Hybrid Firs by Somatic Embryogenesis

• Dr. Cesar L. Escalante      Sourcing Interim Replacements for H-2A Foreign Farm Workers in Georgia Farms during the Pandemic

• Dr. Cristiane Pilon            Leveraging Water Management Strategy in Peanut for Greatest Yield & Seed Quality\

• Dr. Alex Stelzieni              Validating the Non-Thermal Destruction of E. coli 0157:H7, STEC & Surrogate E. Coli During the Manufacture of Dry Cured, Ready-to-Eat Beef Products

• Dr. Lawton Stewart           Grazing Cotton Residue to Decrease Hay Feeding

• Dr. Kari Turner                 Animal Institute: A Program for Georgia Agricultural Teachers

This is the fourth year GFB has awarded grants to assist Georgia researchers working to find solutions to production, economic and marketing issues facing Georgia farmers. Since 2018, GFB has awarded about $392,600 in research grants that have addressed beef, blueberry, cotton, forage, Christmas, fruit & pecan tree, peanut, poultry, soybean, vegetable production issues.

Pictured from left, GFB President Tom McCall congratulates recipients of the Georgia Farm Bureau 2021 Research Grants:

Dr. Lawton Stewart (beef grazing research); Mark Czarnato (Christmas tree research); Dr. Sudeep Bag (cotton research); Cristiane Pilon (peanut research)  Lee Cowart accepting on behalf of Dr. Cesar Escalante (labor research) & Dr. Lisa Baxter (forage research).  and not pictured: Dr. Alex Stelzleni (beef research); Dr. Kari Turner (development of a livestock program for ag teachers) & Dr. Emran Ali (blueberry research). 


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