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Georgia Farm Bureau names Commodity Advisory Committees

by Georgia Farm Bureau

Posted on Jan 06, 2021 at 0:00 AM

Georgia Farm Bureau (GFB) recently named the members of its 2021 commodity advisory committees, which give input on their specific crops to help GFB develop its policy stances.

Each committee member was nominated by a county Farm Bureau president and serves a one-year term. GFB committees usually consist of one member per GFB District when possible. Since some commodities aren’t produced in all GFB districts, committees may consist of multiple members from the same districts.

The members of the commodity advisory committees are:

Aquaculture – Chairman Terry Bramlett, 1st District, Fannin County; Vice Chairwoman 6th District Kim Edge, Treutlen County; 2nd District, Steven Patrick, Habersham County; 3rd District, Travis Henry, Douglas County; 5th District, Ralph Adamson, Lamar County; 8th District, Brian Simmons, Pulaski County.

Beef cattle – Chairman Chuck Joiner, 3rd District, Carroll County; Vice Chairman Rodney Hilley, 5th District, Pike County; 1st District, John Howard, Walker County; 2nd District, Colt Hart, Franklin County; 4th District, Ken Boss, Walton County; 6th District, Cecil Graham, Laurens County; 7th District, David Cromley, Bulloch County; 8th District, Matt Berry, Sumter County; 9th District, Justin Long, Decatur County; 10th District, Parrish Akens, Berrien County.

Cotton – Chairman David Holton, District 9, Mitchell County; Vice Chairman Rodney Dawson, 8th District, Pulaski County; 1sth District, Garrett Hurley, Chattooga County; 2nd District, Rick Wansley, Elbert County; 5th District, Jon Davis Huffmaster, Taylor County; 6th District, Chip Roche, Laurens County; 6th District, Jerry Wooten, Jeff Davis County; 7th District, John Douglas Newton, Bulloch County; 9th District, Johnny Dunn, Tift County; 10th District, Bacon County.

Dairy – Chairman Joel Keith, 5th District, Troup County; Vice Chairman Judd Chambers, 6th District, Jones County; 2nd District, William Crump, Habersham County; & Matthew London, White County; 4th District, Jan Davison, Greene County; 4th District, Albert Hale, Oconee County; 4th District, Jay Moon, Morgan County; 5th District, Kenneth Murphy, Meriwether County; 7th District, Jimmy Franks, Burke County; 9th District, Matt Johnson, Decatur County.

Direct Marketing/Agritourism – Chairwoman Bridget Hitchcock, 6th District, Washington County; Vice Chairman Jake Carter, 3rd District, Henry County; 1st District, Lanier Warbington, Forsyth County; 2nd District, Michelle McClain, Habersham County; 4th District, Jim Steed, Columbia County & Mark Rodgers, McDuffie County; 5th District, Corey Wargofcak, Meriwether County; 7th District, Becca Creasy, Bulloch County; 9th District, Kelli Long, Decatur County; 10th District, Jennifer McMillan, Berrien County.

Environmental Horticulture – Chairman Mark Porter, 3rd District, Fayette County; Vice Chairman Charles Berry, 3rd District, Newton County; 1st District, Andy Kennemore, Forsyth County; 4th District, Will Ross, Oconee County; 5th District, David Ridgeway, Butts County; 5th District, Gray Riner, Pike County; 6th County, Craig Dominy, Dodge County; 7th District, Kaye Usher, Toombs County; 9th District, Ashley Fowler, Brooks County; 10th District, Rickey Boyd, Berrien County.

Equine – Chairman Gary Walker, 9th District, Tift County ; Vice Chairman Darryl Landreth, 5th District, Troup County; 1st District, Molly Childs, Cherokee County; 2nd District, Lauren Dye, Elbert County; 3rd District, Laury Smith, Polk County; 4th District, Jan Templeton, Richmond County & Lucy Ray, Jasper County; 5th District, Chanda Thompson, Lamar County; 6th District, Danny Hogan, Laurens County; 8th District, James V. Wood Jr., Wilcox County.

Feedgrain/Soybean – Chairman Jesse Patrick, 4th District, Putnam County; Vice Chairman Joe King, 8th District, Clay County; 1st District, Alan Scoggins, Walker County; 2nd District, Bren Stone, Hart County; 3rd District, Larry Parrott, South Fulton County; 6th District, Jonathan Hitchcock, Washington County; 6th District, Hugh Veal, Johnson County; 7th District, Danny Sapp, Toombs County; 9th District, Daniel Morrell, Mitchell County; 10th District, Winston Brogdon, Berrien County.

Forestry – Chairman John Mixon, 5th District, Pike County; Vice Chairman John Davis,1st District, Whitfield County; 2nd District, Carlton Smith, Lumpkin County; 3rd District, Richard Whitten, Carroll County; 4th District, Lois Schell, Putnam County; 6th District, Kevin Malone, Laurens County; 7th District, Benny Jeffers, Screven County; 8th District, Leonard Kinsley, Houston County; 9th District, Casey Cox, Mitchell County; 10th District, William White, Atkinson County.

Fruit – Chairman Tim McMillan, 10th District, Berrien County; Vice Chairwoman Stephanie Minter-Adamek, 3rd District, Fayette County; 1st District, Tim Mercier, Fannin County; 3rd District, Kevin Mitcham, Newton County; 5th District, Terry Batchelor, Pike County; 6th District, William Moses, Laurens County; 7th District, Aries Haygood, Toombs County; 8th District, Eric Gibbs, Wilcox County; 9th District, Matt Carter, Brooks County; 10th District, Brandon Wade, Bacon County.

Goats & Sheep – Chairman Will Cabe, 2nd District, Franklin County; Vice Chairman Charles Batten, 6th District, Washington County; 1st District, Greg Phillips, Whitfield County; 2nd District, Greg Gilman, Jackson County & Nathan Nix, White County; 3rd District, Robert Furr, Polk County; 4th District, Tucker West, Taliaferro County; 5th District, Marty Moncrief, Crawford County & Durward Smith, Pike County; 7th District, Johnny Jones, Toombs County. 

Hay – Chairman Dexter Shearouse, 7th District, Chatham County; Vice Chairman Harry Thompson, 9th District, Colquitt County; 1st District, Don Keeter, Cherokee County; 2nd District, Paul Seabolt, White County; 3rd District, Doug Smith, Carroll County; 4th District, Dene Channell, Greene County; 5th District, Bill Cline, Coweta County; 6th District, Jamie Tate, Jeff Davis County; 8th District, James Gaston, Sumter County; 10th District, Corey Tyre, Bacon County.

Honeybees – Chairman Ben Bruce, 10th District, Clinch County; Vice Chairman Keith Fielder, 4th District, Putnam County; 1st District, B.J. Weeks, Cherokee County; 2nd District, Virginia Webb, Habersham County; 3rd District, Brian Higgins, Cobb County; 5th District, Jonathan Nixon, Crawford County; 6th District, John Pluta, Baldwin County; 7th District, Heather Davis, Toombs County; 8th District, Jesse McCurdy, Houston County; 9th District, Gary Rentz, Brooks County.

Peanuts – Chairman John Harrell, 9th District, Grady County; Vice Chairman Robert Curry, 10th District, Berrien County; 5th District, William “Dee” Martin IV, Crawford County; 6th District, Rocky Nobles, Twiggs County; 7th District, Brad Edenfield, Burke County; 8th District, Christopher Martin, Pulaski County & Michael David Selph, Wilcox County; 9th District, Andy Bell, Decatur County & Wes Shannon, Tift County; 10th District, Jared Howell, Cook County.

Pecans – Chairman Garrett Ganas, 10th District, Ware County; Vice Chairman Brad Ellis, 8th District, Dooly County; 2nd District, Danny Brooks, Habersham County, 3rd District, Paul Jones, Sr., Clayton County; 4th District, Jim Markley, Morgan County; 6th District, Mark Cook, Washington County; 7th District, Charles James, Toombs County; 8th District, R.G. Lamar, Pulaski County; 9th District, James Exum, Brooks County & Sammy Perkins, Grady County.

Poultry – Chairman Steven Green, 5th District, Spalding County; Vice Chairman Bobby Barber, 9th District, Decatur County; 1st District, Darrell Jones, Gilmer County; 2nd District, Clay Black, Stephens County & Thomas Harrell, Madison County; 3rd District, Lawrence Shadix, Carroll County; 4th District, Jackie Copelan, Greene County; 6th District, Derick  Wooten, Jeff Davis County; 8th District, Wes Hopper, Wilcox County; 10th District,  Walt Pridgen, Coffee County.

Swine – Chairman Terry Danforth, 10th District, Berrien County; Vice Chairman Bill Waldrep, 5th District, Monroe County; 1st District, Frank Wright, Gilmer County; 2nd District, Matt Anderson, Habersham County; 8th District, Dania Devane, Randolph County; 9th District, Alan Davis, Decatur County & Andrew Thompson, Brooks County.

Tobacco - Chairman Fred Wetherington, 10th District, Lowndes County; Vice Chairman Tim Crosby, 9th District, Brooks County; 7th District, Chance Callaway, Evans County; 10th District, Bo Corbett, Echols County.

Vegetables – Chairman Brad Calhoun, 8th District, Turner County; Vice Chairman Brian Robinson, 9th District, Brooks County; 1st District, Andy Futch, Gilmer County & William Smith  Jr. Bartow County; 2nd District, Chris Cleveland, Habersham County; 3rd District, Demetrius Milling, Rockdale/DeKalb Counties; 6th District, Jamie Gay, Telfair County; 7th District, Mitchell Pittman, Toombs County;  8th District, Ken Daniel, Sumter County; 9th District, Glenn Heard, Decatur County.

Water – Chairman Lee Webster, 7th District, Burke County; Vice Chairman Bubba Johnson, 9th District, Mitchell County; 1st District, William Grizzle, Cherokee County;   2nd District, Jerry Boling, Banks County;  3rd District, Tim Thoms, Fayette County;  4th District, John Redding, Walton County;  5th District,  Barry Peters, Monroe County; 6th District, Jerry Newby, Bleckley County; 8th District, Ross Kendrick, Turner County; 10th District, Steve Dixon, Berrien County.

Eight GFB members also serve on American Farm Bureau Federation Issue Advisory Committees: Tim McMillan, Berrien County, Agricultural Labor; Jake Carter, Henry County, Energy; Eddie Green, Dooly County, Environmental Regulations; Casey Cox, Mitchell County, Farm Policy; John Mixon, Pike County, Federal Lands; Brad Calhoun, Turner County, Food Safety; Garrett Ganas, Ware County, Organic and Direct Marketing; and Wesley Porter, Tift County, Technology.

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