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Georgia Foundation for Agriculture seeks program assistants

by Georgia Farm Bureau

Posted on May 26, 2021 at 0:00 AM

Do you like elementary-age children and have an interest in teaching them about agriculture? Are you interested in traveling across the state with the Georgia Foundation for Agriculture’s Georgia Ag Experience (GAE) mobile classroom? 

If so, apply for one of the two full-time mobile ag educational program assistant positions the Georgia Foundation for Agriculture (GFA) seeks to fill by July.

These positions will have five main responsibilities: 1) coordinate the GAE mobile classroom visits with schools and their county Farm Bureaus; 2) deliver GAE instruction to students; 3) assist in GAE curriculum development; 4) develop local partnerships; & 5) fundraising.  

The program assistants will work a rotational schedule of in-person instruction on the road at schools with the mobile classroom and at-home work. Successful applicants must have a valid Georgia driver’s license; clear current Georgia background checks; have classroom or other student instruction experience; possess good communication/organizational skills and a willingness to travel.

Ideal candidates should live in central Georgia and be willing to frequently travel the state. Preferred applicants should have: a current or past Georgia teacher’s certificate; a bachelor’s degree in education or an ag-related field and an agricultural background.

Both positions are full time with benefits including a 401K with employer match, health insurance, group term life insurance, long term disability insurance, paid time off accrual and paid holidays. Other benefits include a company car, cell phone stipend, hotel and meal reimbursement. Visit for complete details and to apply.

During the GAE mobile classroom’s first five months on the road, it has reached 6,502 students while visiting schools across South and Middle Georgia. From January to April, the mobile classroom visited 24 schools in 20 counties reaching 306 teachers.

Students and teachers who explored the mobile classroom took surveys before and after their tours. Survey results show that 75% of the students expressed they are more interested in agriculture after going through the GAE, 8% are more interested in pursuing an ag career, and 50% of students now understand the complexity of agriculture and would explain that to a family member.

Of the teachers whose classes toured the mobile classroom, 83% expressed they had no, low, or moderate knowledge of agriculture. After their classes toured the GAE classroom, 75% of the teachers had an increased interest in agriculture, and 98% of the teachers surveyed said they are more likely to incorporate agriculture into their future curriculum.

Visit for more information about the mobile classroom or to schedule a visit to your school.

The Georgia Foundation for Agriculture thanks all of the sponsors that funded the creation and launch of the mobile classroom. To discuss a new sponsorship or the renewal of your current commitment towards the GAE classroom’s ongoing operations, please email GFA Executive Director Lily Baucom at

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