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Georgia National Fair attendance tops 485,000

by Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agricenter

Posted on Oct 27, 2021 at 0:00 AM

The Show Goes On, and indeed it did at the 32nd Annual Georgia National Fair. After nearly two years of anticipation, Georgia’s biggest show returned to Perry in style.

 For 11 days, the Georgia National Fair delighted audiences from across the state and country, bringing in 485,758 visitors. Although attendance was slightly down from 2019, the GNFA team is extremely pleased with the turnout and considers it a positive reflection of the future.

“The success of the 32nd Annual Georgia National Fair is a testament to the entire GNFA team, full-time and seasonal employees, our legislators, law enforcement, as well as all of our vendors and sponsors who work so hard to make this the best fair in the country,” said Stephen Shimp, executive director of the Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter.

The 32nd Annual Georgia National Fair provided $757,940 in free entertainment to fairgoers. A nightly concert, petting zoos, magic shows, fireworks displays and more entertained visitors all 11 days of the fair. Reithoffer Shows continued its longstanding 32-year partnership with the Fairgrounds, providing more than 70 rides and eight armband nights to guests. Vendors were equally thrilled with the turnout and glad to once again be part of The Georgia National Fair, the largest annual event for many.

The Georgia Agricultural Exposition Authority, organizers, and staff celebrated the phenomenal return to the fair and spoke proudly of their most recent show.

“Many families visit the fair every year. It is an event that adults and kids alike look forward to. It was missed by so many in 2020 and it is clear from attendance and fairgoer feedback that they were very happy to return,” said GNFA Marketing Director Maggie Dimes.

The GNFA team is looking forward to next year and says plans for 2022 are already underway. The 33rd Annual Georgia National Fair is scheduled for October 6th-16th, 2022 in Perry, GA. For more information, visit

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