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Georgia Wine & Grapes Commission taking nominations for board

by Georgia Department of Agriculture

Posted on Nov 11, 2020 at 0:00 AM


Nominations are currently being accepted to fill five board positions of the newly created Georgia Agriculture Commodity Commission for Wine and Grapes. Persons nominated must be active producers of wine or grapes and reside in Georgia. The deadline for submissions is Nov. 27.

Those interested may find a nominee information form at and submit it to Andy Harrison at or by fax at 404-656-9380.  Forms may also be mailed to:

The Georgia Department of Agriculture

Attn: Andy Harrison

19 MLK Jr. Drive S.W.

Room 320

Atlanta, GA 30334

The nominees will be vetted and certified to ensure they are active Georgia producers of grapes or wine in the appropriate geographic areas. Interested producers with questions may contact the Georgia Department of Agriculture at 404-586-1405. 

On Aug. 3, Gov. Brian Kemp amended the Georgia Agricultural Commodities Commissions Act by signing HB 1093 to establish an Agricultural Commodity Commission for Wine and Grapes.  The next step for the Georgia Wine and Grapes Commodity Commission is to seat a board of producers. The ex-officio members of the Georgia Agricultural Commodity Commissions – Georgia Agricultural Commissioner Gary Black, Georgia Farm Bureau President Gerald Long, Buddy Leger and Russ Moon will appoint the board from nominated producers. The Wine and Grapes Commission board will then oversee the process of developing a marketing order for the commission and holding a referendum during which Georgia wine/grape producers will vote to determine if the commission is ratified.

Georgia Agriculture Commodity Commissions are created by the Georgia Legislature. Furthermore, a market order of each commission is passed by the growers of that respective commodity which allows for assessments on the commodity to be paid by each of the producers of such commodity. These funds are used for research, education and promotion of the commodity. Members of the commissions make decisions on how funds are spent and programs the commission supports.

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