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GFB Ambassadors spread good news about membership

by Georgia Farm Bureau

Posted on Feb 09, 2023 at 0:00 AM

By Jennifer Whittaker, Georgia Farm Bureau



Georgia Farm Bureau (GFB) is proud to announce its 2023 GFB Federation Ambassadors.

Due to their outstanding leadership during the inaugural program last year, Bailey Rayfield and Blake Segars will serve as chairmen of the 2023 team.

The GFB Federation Ambassadors will serve for one calendar year. Promoting GFB as a membership organization is the main purpose of the ambassador team.

The ambassadors will promote GFB through a variety of statewide member recruitment, public relations and brand awareness campaigns. Ambassadors will work alongside GFB staff and industry professionals on projects and events throughout Georgia. They are scheduled to attend about 25 ag events across Georgia this year to promote GFB.

“People want to talk to someone, other than a Farm Bureau employee, who is genuinely passionate about our organization,” explained GFB Membership Acquisition Manager Slayten Carter. “These are our nine walking billboards for Georgia Farm Bureau all the time.” 

While hosting the GFB booth during the six weekend days of the Georgia National Fair last October, GFB Ambassadors signed up 101 new members.

Rayfield and Segars shared tips on how the ambassador team recruits new members.

“Sincerely connect with the person you are talking to before asking them to join. Get to know them. Find out what they and you may have in common,” Rayfield said.

Segars recommends sharing GFB’s five values – faith, family, farming, flag (patriotism) and friends.

“Tell them who Georgia Farm Bureau is and what we stand for,” Segars said. “We believe that if you get out and talk to people about membership and what your Farm Bureau membership means to you, they will become a member.”

 Federation Ambassadors are chosen based on their interpersonal skills, passion for ag advocacy, innovative thinking, and overall enthusiasm. To serve as an ambassador, candidates must be over the age of 18 at the time of selection, be willing to commit to the hours of service and present an exceptional application. If applicable, they must also maintain good academic standing while in service to the program.

Applications for the 2024 program will become available in November. To learn more, visit or follow @gafarmbureau on Instagram.

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