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GFB announces art and bookmark contest winners

Posted on Jun 06, 2024 at 0:30 AM

Georgia students tapped into their artistic talents to create colorful bookmarks and draw scenes depicting agriculture for the 2024 Georgia Farm Bureau Middle School Bookmark and High School Art Contests.

Ashley McMath, of Cherokee County, sketched the first place drawing of a farmer bottle feeding a calf as other beef cattle watch to win the GFB High School Art Contest.  McMath won $250 as the state high school art contest winner and $100 as the GFB 1st District winner. She was a senior at River Ridge High School at the time she entered the contest this winter.

Dan Lin, of Gwinnett County, won state honors in the middle school bookmark contest for his vibrant bookmark highlighting Georgia peaches, cotton, peanuts and Vidalia onions. Lin received $150 for winning the state bookmark contest and $100 as the GFB 3rd District winner. He was a sixth-grade student at SKA Academy when he entered the contest.

Visit to see all the district winners’ artwork for the 2024 GFB High School Art Contest. Visit to see all of the district winners’ creations in the 2024 GFB Middle School Bookmark Contest.

This marks the 30th year GFB held its annual art contest for ninth through twelfth-grade students. This is the third year GFB coordinated a contest for sixth through eighth graders to design a bookmark.

“Georgia Farm Bureau’s Ag in the Classroom Art Contests encourage students to create a piece of art inspired by what they learn about Georgia agriculture after watching a video, doing research, or visiting a farm,” said GFB President Tom McCall. “Students who might not otherwise think about agriculture learn about the variety of crops and livestock Georgia farmers raise as they create their drawings.”

GFB received entries for its high school art contest from 77 county Farm Bureaus and entries from 88 county Farm Bureaus for its middle school art contest. A panel of judges selected GFB district winners for each contest from all county entries submitted from each district. Once the district winners were selected, all GFB home office employees were invited to vote for their favorite piece of artwork in each contest without knowing the names of the artists nor counties that submitted the sketches and bookmarks.

Contestants in the high school contest were instructed to create a black, white and gray drawing using graphite, charcoal, pastel, chalk, colored pencil, ballpoint pen or mixed media appropriate for printing. Drawings were judged on how well the artwork represents agriculture in the student’s county or Georgia and for artistic merit.

The middle school contestants were given a blank bookmark and asked to create a design illustrating Georgia agriculture.

District winners in the GFB High School Art Contest are:

GFB 1st Dist.             Ashley McMath                      Cherokee Co. 

GFB 2nd Dist.             Arianna Alvarez                     Franklin Co.   

GFB 3rd Dist.             Nereida Leon-Arreola             Polk Co.

GFB 4th Dist.             Aishwarya “Lexie” Sangam   Greene Co.

GFB 5th Dist.             Emily Beth Hammock            Taylor Co.

GFB 6th Dist.             Olivia Durden                         Dodge Co.

GFB 7th Dist.             Sofia Piraino                          Effingham Co.

GFB 8th Dist.             Alexandria Taylor                   Turner Co.

GFB 9th Dist.             Christian Anderson                 Dougherty Co.

GFB 10th Dist.           Grace DuMortier                    Glynn Co.

District winners in the GFB Middle School Bookmark Contest are:

GFB 1st Dist.             Haley Bolin                             Forsyth Co.    

GFB 2nd Dist.             Susana Mares                       Habersham Co.                      

GFB 3rd Dist.             Dan Lin                                   Gwinnett Co.                         

GFB 4th Dist.             Yashvi Patel                            Putnam Co.                            

GFB 5th Dist.             Anna Leigh Coker                  Upson Co.                              

GFB 6th Dist.             Katherine Yu                          Treutlen Co.                           

GFB 7th Dist.             Ryder  Perdue                         Chatham Co.                          

GFB 8th Dist.             Juan Ortiz Jr.                           Randolph Co.                         

GFB 9th Dist.             Lorelei Trulock                       Grady Co.                              

GFB 10th Dist.           Briana Araiza                          Ben Hill Co.   

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