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Hennebelle appointed as state veterinarian

by Georgia Department of Agriculture

Posted on Jul 21, 2021 at 0:00 AM

Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black has appointed Dr. Janemarie Hennebelle as Georgia's next state veterinarian. Hennebelle succeeds Dr. Robert Cobb, who retired in June. Hennebelle has served as assistant state veterinarian since September 2016.

In her new role, Hennebelle will oversee the Animal Health Division of the Georgia Department of Agriculture while managing staff veterinarians, the state's Animal Disease Traceability (ADT) program and animal disease investigations as they arise.

Hennebelle received her bachelor’s degree in animal science from Berry College and her doctoral degree in veterinary medicine from the University of Georgia. She also pursued a master's in preventative veterinary medicine at the University of California Davis.

Dr. Hennebelle has a diverse background in practice ranging from a mixed-animal practice in the Northeast, serving the dairy industry, as well as shelter and companion animal medicine here in Georgia. She joined the Meat Inspection Section of the Georgia Department of Agriculture in December of 2013, where she served as a Public Health Veterinary (PHV) Supervisor.

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