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Review your broadband options

by Compiled by Georgia Farm Bureau

Posted on Jan 26, 2023 at 0:00 AM

Rural homes are beginning to see expansion of internet services in their areas, however many are not as fast as homeowners would like or as accurate as what information is being shared. A variety of internet providers claim to service particular areas without ever offering actual data to support that claim.

Recently, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released what it is calling a “draft broadband coverage map.” This map offers Georgia residents an opportunity to review their home address to see what broadband and cellular services are available to them, while also challenging the map should they see invalid information.

It is important to take action to ensure that your information is being counted correctly. Georgia Farm Bureau encourages each family to take a few moments to view the FCC map.


Once you have entered your address, it will show you the providers that service your area, if any. If the reported information is not correct, you can submit your information immediately for review, once you have challenged the information listed.

As policymakers continue to prioritize expansion of rural broadband, they need the most accurate information to do so and this map will allow them to see real time, accurate information from the homeowners themselves.

For more information or to check your broadband services, please review the map. It will be a great assistance to those working toward improving the state of Georgia's rural options.

Meanwhile, on Jan. 4 the state announced more than $234 million in 29 preliminary grant awards for broadband internet expansion through the Capital Projects Fund Grant Program. These awards will improve connectivity for communities, households, businesses, and anchor institutions in 28 Georgia counties. When combined with significant capital matches from the awardees, almost $455 million will be invested to serve over 76,000 locations in communities with some the greatest need for high-speed internet access.

The Capital Projects Fund Grant Program, created in August 20220, utilizes funds from the American Rescue Plan Act. The Governor’s Office of Planning & Budget and the Georgia Technology Authority worked together to identify the most unserved and underserved counties in the state and establish a competitive grant program.

The 29 awardees include 12 different internet service providers comprised of EMCs, large telecommunications companies, and local Georgia-based companies. The state will open a second round of the Capital Projects Fund Grant Program for the five eligible counties that did not receive an award this spring (Calhoun, Echols, Johnson, Miller, and Webster Counties).

To view the entire award list, click here.

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