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A View from the Field

Posted on November 28, 2022 12:00 AM

It seems hard to believe that we just celebrated Thanksgiving and our annual convention has arrived. This year has moved at a rapid pace! 

The 85th Annual Georgia Farm Bureau Convention on Jekyll Island will be held Dec. 4–6, where we will complete our important policy development process. 

Gov. Brian Kemp is scheduled to address our convention attendees in a matter of days. It seems like the right time to congratulate Gov. Kemp on his reelection to the state’s highest office. The governor has done so much for agriculture and rural Georgia. Just saying thank you and “keep choppin’ ” doesn’t seem like enough. 

Also, let’s applaud our Agriculture Commissioner-elect Tyler Harper. Tyler worked hard to earn your support and he spent a lot of windshield time crisscrossing the state to meet the voters in just about every county, if not all of them. 

That brings me to the gratitude we all owe Commissioner Gary Black for his service to our industry. He helped keep farming in Georgia safe and moving forward. Because of his vision, the Georgia Department of Agriculture is solid and well-branded through Georgia Grown. 

As Gary leaves his post, we wish him and Lydia a healthy, happy retirement. 

It goes without saying that when we count our blessings around the McCall household this time of year, family always comes first, but we don’t stop there. There is a special place for our faith, flag, farm, and our friends. 

While we’re at the convention, we’ll celebrate being connected to the number one industry in our state and hope to show our appreciation to all of you for supporting the mission of Farm Bureau in so many ways. 

As harvest ends and we enter the Christmas season, we have so much to be thankful for this year. That statement rings true for us, and I know for you, too. 

Thank you for allowing Jane, my family, and me to serve you. Merry Christmas! 

Tom McCall, GFB President