GFB News Magazine

A View From the Field

by Tom McCall
GFB President

Posted on March 7, 2024 7:47 AM

We’ve had a cold winter across a lot of our state, and I am looking forward to spring and all the opportunities the new season brings for family fun and good food.  There’s nothing like spending more time outdoors. Especially after we spring forward with the time adjustment.   

The longer days of spring and planting seed for summer always give me hope and an optimistic spirit that we as farmers need to keep going forward. 

Some of my favorite memories from this time of year include our grandkids, Winn, Wilkes, and McCall, fishing from the pond on our family’s farm in Elbert County.    

Anyone who has heard me speak at a Georgia Farm Bureau event most likely has heard me say, I don’t own that property in the small community of Fortsonia, I’m just borrowing it from my grandkids.

Just like you, I’ve done what I can to protect that farmland for my family and future generations.

As our state’s Agriculture Commissioner Tyler Harper has said repeatedly, “You may not think about it every day, but agricultural products and the security of our food supply are the most important elements when it comes to our national security.”     

Agriculture is Georgia’s number one economic sector and employs over 323,300 Georgians. What we get to do as producers is very important, and everyone depends on us whether they realize it or not.

As we experience the change of seasons, and you’re planting your summer crops or raking that first cutting of hay, take a minute to enjoy the beauty of nature and realize how fortunate we are to have the privilege of farming to feed and clothe the world.  Take time to be thankful for friends, being connected to the land, and what organizations like Farm Bureau provide. We're blessed our families get to share in this rewarding experience of farming, enjoying the outdoors and taking care of God’s creation for future generations. 

Just as spring’s arrival on the farm makes me optimistic for another year of farming, I believe the outlook of our organization is bright, and I am optimistic about Farm Bureau and the future.

As your Georgia Farm Bureau president, I sincerely want to THANK YOU for allowing Jane and me to work for you, represent you in the legislative arena at the state and national level, and support your farms. We like helping ensure you and your families have the potential for a wonderful and rewarding life.

We appreciate each of you! 

Bristol & Katie McCall Archer with daughter McCall Archer; Tom & Jane McCall; Rachel & Al McCall with sons, Winn & Wilkes / Photo by Dana Nunnery