GFB News Magazine

View from the Field

Posted on November 11, 2020 12:00 AM

By Gerald Long

In early 2016, in my first column as GFB president, “United We Stand” was the theme. Standing together as a unified farm organization is more important today than it was nearly five years ago. Back then, our goal was to make Farm Bureau stronger through a number of initiatives. Despite some difficult events, we have been successful.

In my initial meeting with home office employees, we challenged them to do a better job today than they did yesterday and to be better tomorrow than today. We have seen firsthand how a very dedicated staff can stay focused to overcome obstacles and increase productivity.

Volunteer members were asked to redouble their efforts at the county level with programs to increase the influence and voice of Georgia farmers. We have faced dismal commodity prices, overwhelming weather events, an ongoing pandemic, and tough decisions to return the insurance company to profitability. Through it all, we stood together. As your president, I am sincerely grateful for the unifying efforts of volunteer leaders all over this state.

Farm Bureau stands for faith, family, helping neighbors, and keeping promises. Those are the principles that drew me to my county Farm Bureau way back when I was a young farmer. They are what I am proudest of as I step down as your president.