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How Farmers Can Advocate for Their Industry

Posted on September 9, 2020 12:00 AM

As a farmer, you know that agriculture is Georgia’s largest economic sector and is the lifeblood of rural communities. Agriculture employs 1 in 7 Georgians and impacts the lives of all people, from the food on their plates to the clothes on their backs to the frames of their homes and businesses. However, a large majority of citizens, and often even legislators, know little about what it takes to feed and clothe our nation. As a result, farmers don’t always have the legislative support they need to continue their important work.

The purpose of the I Farm. I Vote. campaign is to make sure the voices of both farmers and rural communities are heard. Whether you're a farmer, or you simply enjoy eating three nutritious meals a day, we encourage you to get involved!

Here are a few ways you get involved with the I Farm. I Vote. campaign:

  1. Visit IFarmIVoteGA.com
    Check out the advocacy resources available at IFarmIVoteGA.com and encourage your friends and family to do the same. Find your local candidates and read the questionnaires and interviews, if available. Sign up for Action Alerts to receive important updates from our Public Policy team.
  2. Yard Signs
    Place an I Farm. I Vote. yard sign at your home or business. The signs can be picked up at any local Georgia Farm Bureau office. Contact our Public Policy team for more.
  3. Car Decals
    Display your I Farm. I Vote decal on your car. Decals can also be picked up at local Georgia Farm Bureau offices.
  4. Get Personal
    Take a photo of yourself holding an I Farm. I Vote. sign and share it on social media. In the post, explain why it is so important to vote and also educate yourself on the candidates and issues at stake. Better yet – create a short video! When you share, please use the hashtag #IFarmIVoteGA because we’d love to see it.
  5. Share
    If you don’t feel comfortable creating your own posts, share some of ours!
    Shareable I Farm. I Vote. Videos
    Shareable I Farm. I Vote. Graphics
    Georgia Farm Bureau’s Facebook Page
    Georgia Farm Bureau’s Instagram Page
  6. Advocacy Frame
    Apply one of the I Farm. I Vote. Facebook Frames to your profile. Download here.
  7. Email Signature
    Download the I Farm. I Vote. email signature to serve as daily motivation and encouragement to the people you communicate with! Download here.
  8. Give a Shoutout
    Did you spot one of our I Farm. I Vote. signs or decals? Give the person a shoutout on the Friends of Georgia Farm Bureau page. We love seeing the campaign in action!
  9. Most importantly: Vote!
    Mark your calendar to vote on in all upcoming elections. The run-off for the Senate seat will be held January 5, 2021.