Production Process for GFB Marketing Videos

Effective January 2020


We look forward to partnering with you on your GFB video projects in 2020! In an effort to save time and expedite results, the Marketing Department has refined its video production process effective January 2020. We are also excited to announce an expansion of GFB’s Branding Guidelines to incorporate video and social “Stories”. Branding Guideline are essential because they ensure we present a unified presence and a strong, consistent persona across the state and beyond. We are stronger together.


  1. Fill out the Project Request Form, include the deadline.
  2. Marketing will follow up to schedule a meeting to discuss the video. In that meeting, a storyboard and timeline will be defined (see sample storyboard). The timeline should include deadlines for shoots, revisions, and final product.
    1. Please have an idea in mind of what you would like the general storyboard to be.
    2. Please review the new GFB Branding Guidelines for Video (see below) prior to the meeting.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Once the storyboard is officially signed off on, no high level changes can be made to the storyboard (only minor edits can be made moving forward). If major changes need to be made to the storyboard, it will be considered a new video and the process must start over.


  1. Interviews and filming may now be scheduled. You are responsible for reaching out to the subjects and coordinating the shoots (Jennifer will assist as she is able).
  2. The video will be produced for your review based on the dates discussed in the timeline. At this time, minor edits may be made (i.e. changing text, shortening clips).
  3. Minor revisions may continue, as schedules allows, until video is considered approved.



Branding Guidelines for Marketing Videos

The Branding Guidelines vary depending on the brand and location. Please select the best fit for you: