EZ-Ranch Herd Management Software Discount 

Farm Bureau members save 15% off the retail price of EZ-Ranch herd management software. EZ-Ranch makes it easier to professionally manage your livestock business, eliminating the need for ledger books and boxes of sorted receipts.

EZ-Ranch offers 24-hour technical support, training and a full money-back guarantee. To take advantage of this discount, call EZ-Ranch at 1-888-397-2624.

Please have your membership number available when you call.

Very easy to use!

No thick manuals to read!

Create itemized reports!

Learn in an hour or less!

Design your own categories!

Easy search features!

Create itemized reports!

Pre-designed Schedule F-1040 categories!

Visit the EZ Ranch website: http://www.ez-ranch.com/


For additional information, please contact your local County Farm Bureau, call Member Services at 800-633-5432 (option 1) or send an email to websites@gfb.org.

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