Preferred Vendor List

When trying to determine what company to use for purchasing promotional items, we encourage you to take advantage of our preferred vendors. When you choose to buy from a preferred vendor, know that you're correctly using the company's logo and adhering to all brand guidelines.

If you have a local vendor that you'd like to be considered for the preferred list, please feel free to share their contact information with Jennifer Parson.  


Improper logo use is the largest reason submissions are rejected – please get pre-approval of logos prior to purchase if there is any question.  Also, be aware that many “graphic arts” departments of various vendors simply pull logos from the internet, or recreate them with incorrect fonts and colors.  Logos can be accessed  here,  on Sharepoint or by contacting

  • All advertising must have the correct, unaltered, original corporate logo with ® registration mark to be considered for co-op. 
  • Agents must use Georgia Farm Bureau Insurance, Farm Bureau Insurance or Georgia Farm Bureau logo for all co-op advertising.  
  • County logos cannot be used for insurance advertising.  
  • Note: Any phrases used must be secondary to whatever GFB logo is selected.   

GFB logo guidelines are defined by the GFB brand guidelines administered by the Marketing Team, within the Information/PR Department.