GFB Certified Farm Markets


Important Note:  Please give the farm market a call before visiting to confirm hours as some markets have had to make changes to normal business operations due to recommendations from state and local officials. Many farm markets are large, open-air environments and as such, social distancing is easily observed. At a U-Pick operation, you can get food directly from where it is grown straight to your hands.

Georgia’s climate offers farmers around the state the opportunity to grow just about any crop imaginable, and many growers sell those products directly to consumers through their own retail markets.

Georgia Farm Bureau has certified a network of markets across the state that provide consumers the freshest, locally grown products available. The Certified Farm Market program connects you, the consumer, directly with agriculture and the people that make it possible. When you visit one of these markets and engage with a local farmer, it’s a special opportunity to learn when, where, and how your food is produced. With so many markets in the program, there’s sure to be one close to you.

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Harvest Calendar

Georgia's climate offers farmers around the state the opportunity to grow just about any crop imaginable. Note that produce is ready earlier in South Georgia and ripens 2-3 weeks later in North Georgia.

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