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Celebrating 84 Years of Georgia Farm Bureau

Posted on June 15, 2021 12:00 AM

Georgia Farm Bureau Celebrates 84 years


As we celebrate 84 years, we reflect back on the many milestones along the way. We are so proud of our history and our mission to serve Georgians. Follow us as we take a look back at some memories that are important to us. 



 In June of 1937, 13 farmers began an organization known as the United Georgia Farmers in Cartersville, Georgia. Our first organization newsletter was printed in 1937 too. 



Georgia Farm Bureau became affiliated with the American Farm Bureau Federation 


In 1941 Georgia Farm Bureau Federation was established


In March of 1941 a vote was made to change the name of the United Georgia Farmers to Georgia Farm Bureau Federation. 

Also, in this year the headquarters of the organization moved from Cartersville to Pelham, Georgia. 

GFB in 1937

GFB in 1944

GFB in 1944



The state office again moved in 1944 to Macon, Georgia. During this year the Georgia Farm Bureau Associated Women was formed. 



The organization was really moving along and in 1951 established is first Public Relations department.



The Georgia Farm Bureau Associated Women changed their name to Farm Bureau Women

GFB in 1959

GFB in 1961

GFB in 1966



In January of 1959 the Georgia Farm Bureau Insurance company was founded. 



This year was big for our organization because the Georgia Farm Monitor television show first aired on WMAZ-TV


GFB in 1969


In March of 1970 we broke ground on a new building for Georgia Farm Bureau headquarters on Riverside Drive in Macon. We would move into this building the following summer. 



In 1971 we added the Young Farmers and Ranchers Program, which continues today. The program brings together young adults ages 18-35 that are involved or interested in the agriculture industry. The organization promotes leadership growth, educational outreach, diversity, and industry advocacy in our communities, state and nation.




In 1977 the Georgia Farm Monitor expanded into Atlanta, Savannah, Albany and Columbus. 



In 1980 a statewide radio network was launched for the Farm Monitor.



In 1983 a new publication, the Leadership Alert, now known as Field Notes began. 



In 1986 the Certified Farm Markets were established. Today you can earn prizes for visiting Georgia Farm Bureau’s Certified Farm Markets around the state when you stamp your Farm Passport.

Also, in 1986 a 15-acre tract of land for expansion was purchased at I-75 and Bass Road in north Bibb County. This property would later be known as the location for Georgia Farm Bureau’s home office. 

GFB in 1986



On March 11, 1987, a groundbreaking ceremony was held for the new five-story 170,600 square foot building at I-75 and Bass Road in Macon.


Georgia Farm Bureau headquarters moved to the new building on Bass Road in north Macon. 

GFB in 1988


Georgia Farm Monitor television partnered with Nashville based, RFD-TV for nationwide cable and satellite delivery. 



In 2007 Georgia Farm Bureau established a presence on social media. You can follow us on 

Twitter @GaFarmBureau

Instagram @gafarmbureau

Facebook @GeorgiaFarmBureau and @GeorgiaFarmBureauInsurance

GFB in 2016            


On January 12, 2016, Georgia Farm Bureau President, Zippy Duvall, was elected as American Farm Bureau President. 



In June of 2017 a celebration marking 80 years of Georgia Farm Bureau took place in Bartow County.