Episode 16: Under the Gold Dome

Episode 16: Under the Gold Dome

The 2021 session is already halfway over, but this year's session hasn't come without some challenges due to the ongoing pandemic. Katie talks with GFB State Affairs Coordinator, Alex Bradford about how things are going under the Gold Dome. 

Also in this episode, Jay talks about the opioid epidemic with Dr. Orion Mowbray of the UGA School of Social Work. They discussed why it’s a difficult problem in rural areas and strategies for addressing it.

Lastly, coming up on March 14th, we will be losing an hour of sleep due to Daylight Saving Time, but thanks to a bill in the Georgia State Legislature, it could potentially be the last time we change over here in Georgia, something those in agriculture would applaud. John speaks to the author of the bill and discusses what made him drop the bill this session.