Episode 4: Let's Get Fiscal

In this episode of the Growing On Podcast, we're getting fiscal by talking about Georgia's budget in regard to agriculture as well as the 2020 census and how it affects federal funding for the state

Katie Duvall shares her interview with Rusty Haygood where they talk about the 2020 census and how important it is for Georgia when it comes to federal funding and congressional districts.

Jay Stone shares his interview with Glen Raines from the University of Georgia. They discuss tractor safety in regards to PTO!

John Holcomb discusses Georgia's 2020-2021 budget. After Gov. Kemp's proposed budget cuts that would ultimately cut funding for Experimental Stations and Cooperative Extension Services, farmers traveled to Atlanta to express just how important those are for Georgia agriculture. 

Lastly, we share the Farm Monitor interview with Senator Kelly Loeffler, Georgia's newest Senator that was sworn in earlier this year.  


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