Episode 20 - There's an App for That

In the year 2021, there's an app for EVERYTHING, and it shouldn't come as a surprise that there's an app for agritourism, and that app is "Harvest Hosts" - a membership service that was founded to connect campers and RV enthusiasts to farms, wineries, and other agritourism destinations all across the United States. John Holcomb talks with Joel Holland, CEO of Harvest Hosts about his company. 

Also on the show, now that we're entering into the hot part of the year, Jay talks with Dr. Ron Courson, UGA's Executive Associate Athletic Director for sports medicine about how to prevent and treat heat related injuries this summer while out on the farm. 

Lastly, Katie sits down with GFB's National Affairs Coordinator, Tripp Cofield as he gives an update about what all is going on in D.C.