Episode 19 - To Infinity and Beyond

Space: the last frontier for mankind. By 2025, NASA is planning on making a big leap as they work on sending astronauts to the Red Planet. An important part of a manned space mission however though is figuring out how to support your crew for a minimum of 18 months in space, which is why they have a deep space food challenge to see if a technology or system can be created to support the crew on long-term missions. 

Also on the show, April is National Safe Digging Month, so Jay talked to Dr. Glen Rains with UGA Tifton about digging safety. Dr. Rains has good information to make sure underground hazards don't result in injuries.

Finally on this episode, Katie sits down with Slayten Carter, GFB's new Membership Acquisition Manager. Slayten talks about her background, her journey to GFB, and what her new role looks like at the Bureau.